Presenting Adam Dacre

January 29, 2015 by Prowler European Porn Awards Awards


It’s been a WHOLE week since the Prowler Porn Awards have presented you with another tip-top totty ready to spill the beans, last week I had my hands all over Reece Bentley, so now’s the turn of another personal favourite of mine – Adam Dacre! He is the Polski Prince of the Porn Industry, and conveniently that isn’t his only title after a naughty little win at last year’s PPA’s, in which Adam scooped Best British Newcomer. Now don’t go forgetting if you want to slam-dunk a nomination for my indulgent interviewee, get your vote in before this weekend!

Now where were we? Oh yeah, a certain award-winning hunk!

Having worked for the likes of UK Naked Men, Blake Mason and Butch Dixon, Adam quickly found his way into the hearts and hard-ons of the massive, with 2014 proving to be a mahoosive year for the stud. In such a short space of time, Adam’s career has not only seen him win big but travel the globe as a full-throttle fuck-machine.

“(In comparison the UK) American’s do everything on such a large scale, unapologetically so and with total conviction. I’d love to see the industry take the same approach over here, I think the Prowler Porn Awards are a great opportunity to showcase that.” speaking on his successful year. “I think my highlight was winning the regional Hookie Award (for Best British International Escort) and then being invited to New York by to their worldwide event. It was my first time in America and I fell in love with New York City, I was very privileged to make my stamp over there.”

Porn in Europe isn’t exactly re-inventing the wheel, but nor is it the first port of call when writing up your résumé, so what was it that inspired Adam to get into the Pornsphere? The beautiful men? The cock? The abs? The cock? The arse?….The cock? Well it appears that our Łódź native has always had a lust for performance, he explains,

“I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist, even a narcissist! I have a degree in music and previously I have wanted to perform on stage,  but upon graduation I got really fed up with the whole thing. I then decided to turn to something else I was passionate about – human sexuality.”

…And this wouldn’t be a Prowler Porn Awards post without talking about the Prowler Porn Awards, last year Adam found his way onto the shortlist against the likes of monster-cock’ed Kayden Gray, Reece Bentley, Riley Tess and Tyson Tyler amongst others. With such a stellar cast of powerhouses and power-bottoms, the odds were certainly stacked against our very own Euroboy, so was winning ever an when the competition was so tough?

“I was excited to be nominated at the time, I obviously wanted to win, but I didn’t expect it as there were from very strong names. I think being nominated early and then going on to win can have its ups and downs. The success that I have had in the past year gives me a nice ego boost and generates more exposure, but I don’t want to let that get into my head too much. I’d rather be grateful for the recognition I received and keep up the good work.”

Best British Newcomer wasn’t technically the only P.P.A. globe that Adam had walked away with having been a star of the bizarrely brilliant, Twelve Fucks and No Funeral, playing the former lover of the apparently deceased J.P. DuBois. The film won Best British Porn DVD at last years awards, but when porn and perishing collides, what’s the atmosphere like on-set?

“It was fun to film, especially with a real coffin on-set. I was just happy to be part of something that got such a good reception.”

While we’re talking of dusty old boxes, I was relieved to discover that’s not where the Best British Newcomer award was being stored…

“The award sits prominently on my bookshelf, it’s not something that I go out of my way to brag about, but I nor do I want to hide it.”

Having learnt that Adam doesn’t want the success of 2014 to go to his head, I wanted to know what it was about him in particular that he thought made people fall in lust with him – was it that killer bod? The face of a motion-picture dream boat….or just his thick juicy meat? (Soz to lower the tone!)

“I just think I’m not a stereotypical porn star! Yes, I am into superficial things but I am also a deep-thinker. I like to think of myself as a respectful person, especially in the way I treat others and I hopes that transpires in the way I come across.” < Hmmmm, gotta that’s not my first thought when I see him gang-banging Adam Herst, but then again from knowing him personally – the boy hasn’t gone a bad bone in his body.

Looking ahead though, the days of Manbar Soho are long gone, haven’t you heard? It’s all about Shadow Lounge this March 26th, so with so many questions in mind, will Adam be there!? Is he looking to win anything!? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHO IS HE TAKING ON HIS ARM!?….

“Winning Best British Top would titillate the ego, I mean who wouldn’t love being told that they’re a good fuck? I think Alphamales director (and porn vet) Ashley Ryder deserves an award for still being able to produce high-quality videos.”

Adam did actually tell me about his plans for a plus one, but hell I could write anything I want, so let’s just say it’s me. M’kay? But before I let him dally off to lust over me in a darkened room somewhere, he did manage to give me a little scoop. Brace yourselves, you thought “Who Killed Lucy Beale” was something special, wait until your hear this…

“As last year’s winner of the Best British Newcomer to Porn, I have actually been invited back to present the award.”

So what more reason do you need to buy your ticket? DISCOUNTED TICKETS I may add. This year, it’s gonna be hotter than wasabi, so make your voice heard (and no love, I’m not talking hitting that Big O, so just click off Hard Brit Lads for a second!) and nominate, attend, support and spread the word. The British Gay Porn Industry needs your love! If you’ve not nominated. Do it. If you have nominated – get someone else to! We want to make this award bigger than Zeb Atlas’ shoulder blade – and that’s pretty darn big. If you still don’t get the hint….

N O M I N A T E  N O W!